Waste Logics: More Than Meets the Eye

By Geeta Chandra
4 min read

If you’re using Waste Logics software already, you’ll be fully aware of the comprehensive features that come with our standard package, but you may not know that there are some pretty awesome add-ons available.  I recently caught up with Waste Logics MD, Geeta Chandra, to find out what features are now available after a year of significant updates to the products.

Q: So Geeta, give us an insight into what your team has been working on over the last 12 months.

A: Well it’s been a busy year for Waste Logics; we’ve made over 300 updates to the software since the beginning of 2020. Of course we update the core software all the time, which is why our product is so feature-rich, but with the demand for paperless and contactless transactions increasing during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve worked extra hard to produce new elements recently.

Q: What has been your favourite integration in the last year?

A: For me it has to be the BI Tool which allows the client to create their own dashboards for different roles within their company. It’s a huge timesaver because most companies rely on Excel for these types of reports, which is laborious and really easy to get wrong.  With our tool, the data automatically refreshes so there’s no need to faff about with importing data from anywhere else, and it produces really helpful visuals of your business performance data so that there’s no guesswork in the interpretation.

Q: Which add-on do you think saves Waste Logics clients the most time?

A: I actually think that’s the Customer Dashboard. Our clients’ customers can effectively self-service their account by making their own bookings, accessing invoices and tickets, accessing live site data and their own recycling reports. It saves our clients a lot of work and means the customer admin effectively takes care of itself!

The Online Cart add-on is a close second for time-saving and our clients love it because it enables their customers to get a quote, order and pay for skips through the client’s own website. It’s quite sophisticated and even has the functionality for configuring prices and lead times based on container size and allows our clients to see their quote-to-sale conversion rates.

Q: What about subcontractors? Can they get access to dashboards too?

A: Yes they can!  We have developed a dashboard specifically for subcontractors which means our clients don’t have to spend time calling or emailing jobs, their subcontractor can simply accept the order via the Subcontractor Dashboard.

Q: Can Waste Logics be used as a CRM? 

A: Actually yes, this is another one of our add-ons which provides our clients with CRM capabilities, including pipeline management, tracking opportunities, customer and sales staff performance metrics and correspondence tracking. It’s pretty powerful stuff and means our clients can do away with the paper files they keep on their customers and keep everything in one place electronically. There’s an additional add-on which complements the CRM – our Electronic Archiving module can handle electronic archiving so if you still have some paper-based practices, they can be uploaded to the cloud.

Q: What about site waste management reports?

A: The standard package includes some waste management reports, and for those clients who want to be able to break down smart waste percentages by load, we have an add-on for that too!  Clients can upload their customer data directly into their smart waste projects with our BRE integration.

Q:  Does Waste Logics integrate with accounting packages?

A: Yes, the Waste Logics standard package integrates with 10 different accounting packages but the 2-way Sage integration, which is another add-on that we have developed, balances are posted live from Sage directly into Waste Logics. That makes it possible for our clients to check their customers’ balances against their credit limit in real-time, preventing clients from exceeding their limits. You can also create warnings for particular clients whose accounts you want to monitor a bit more closely, avoiding those situations where you are at risk of over exposing yourself financially.

Q: And finally, can you give us a taste of what’s to come for the remainder of 2021?

A:  Lots of changes relating to consignment notes and hazardous waste so that this can all be paperless too, and an API for those who want to use their own cart so that these orders can be pushed directly into Waste Logics. A very cool messaging centre is on its way and lots of enhancements for brokers to make the whole process more automated.

We hope you found this round-up of add-ons useful. If you’d like to find out more about any of the topics we have covered, our Customer Success Team will be delighted to go through the details with you. Simply call 0330 120 0721 or contact us via your account.

By Geeta Chandra
April 29, 2022