Building stronger customer relationships

Connect SMS is all about bringing you and your customers together. It empowers your business to create personalised experiences at scale to ultimately ensure you maximise revenue.

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Solving industry-wide challenges

Built on solving two core problems:

Underutilisation of containers which can be caused by skips being returned late

Time lost on jobs for drivers due to customers being unprepared to receive their orders and the material cost of missed deliveries

Connect SMS connects both sides of the operational puzzle, so your customers receive accurate order updates and you gain a deeper level of operational visibility, so your business can maximise revenue.
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Why Connect SMS

Built to serve Skip Hire and Haulage companies, Connect SMS helps businesses create tailored and scaled customer experiences via high-level customer notifications. The solution is tailored specifically for the waste management workflow, accounting for the unique requirements of an operations team within these businesses.

Connect SMS is all about bringing operational visibility back into the business, so your team can efficiently engage with customers and maximise revenue from containers.

Delight & Retain Customer

Roll out the red carpet for every customer. Connect SMS lets you provide a unique first-class service at scale by allowing you to use fully customisable and dynamic message templates. Plus with the ability to check your delivery history, you can spot little ways that will help you enhance your customer service.

Save hundreds
per day!

Connect SMS breaks down the confusion and guesswork and puts you at the forefront of operational efficiency. Imagine all the time your team spends chasing up customers about their containers. Our solution simplifies this process and will yield massive time savings.

Deliver sequenced notifications to customers

Keep your customers and operations team connected with sequenced notifications. Whether its advanced, on the day.

Understanding your use

Understanding your use

This function will help you analyse your use of Connect SMS. You’ll be able to see the number of messages you have sent and any costs associated with your use.


Connect SMS Features

Message Configuration

Connect SMS will allow you to create custom templates for these update types:

Customise the audience
Accounts, non-accounts, contract or spot jobs
On way
Send customers an SMS message when the driver is on his way to the client’s site so that you can achieve a quick turnaround time.
In advance
Remind customers about the orders that are due to take place in X days.
On day
Send customers an SMS message in the morning on the day the service is due to be carried out.
Order duration reminder
Send customers an SMS message when their Order Duration (the time they are allowed to keep the skip) for a container is about to expire.

The Connect SMS Guarantee

We will keep all your customer's data secure

We protect your account from unauthorised activity

We’ve got your back. Our support team is available 24/7

No complex pricing model or hidden charges

Giving your operations team their dream scenario

Connect SMS will help transform your operations. Your team is likely spending countless hours per week either chasing up unreturned containers or calling customers to rearrange services and process wasted journeys.

It may not seem much on a day-to-day basis but the time counts up. We want to remove this burden and give your operations team a time-saving & revenue-maximising solution.

If you’re tired of wasting your time with unnecessary manual work like this, contact us today for a chat.

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