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The software has allowed us to provide a better and more holistic service to our customers


Bristol Waste Company (BWC) are a large, multi-disciplinary waste management service provider and leading sustainability champion in Bristol. Traditionally, BWC used paper-based processes and a route sheet system called Mayrise to carry-out core business activities. However, they quickly outgrew the waste management software system and paper-based process and need an end-to-end solution that can scale with them.

Their search led them to Waste Logics they got instant value from the service, platform, and apps. The main sources of their success came from: 

  • Mobile Apps: allowing for paperless operations and real-time operational updates
  • Customer Dashboard so customers can self serve
  • Accounts 2-way integration minimising risk to the business
  • Reporting and Analytics to glean real-time insights into business performance
  • RFID to accurately match dynamic weighing  bin weights to the correct jobs and maximise profitability
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About Bristol Waste Company

Bristol Waste Company (BWC) is a large, multi-disciplinary waste management service provider and leading sustainability champion in Bristol. BWC has a workforce of over 550 people with 180 vehicles and collects over 160,00 tonnes of waste annually.

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The Challenge

BWC has traditionally used a paper-based process to manage their business and a waste management software called Mayrise as their route sheet system. However, as BWC continued to grow, its systems couldn’t scale with them. The challenge was finding a waste management software solution that could digitally transform their business and inject end-to-end visibility and efficiency. 

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The Search

At this stage, BWC analysed several providers including Purgo, Webaspx, Alloy and Waste Logics. After reviewing features, functionality and assessing how the software providers aligned with BWC’s business goals, Waste Logics emerged as the better fit. As the only software provider that could provide instant value and grow with BWC, Waste Logics’ market-leading solution was set to transform the business. 

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The Solution & The Results

After gathering the requirements, the next step was to align BWC with the Waste Logics solutions that would enable their business goals. 

Our team identified the Waste Logics accounts package integrations, customer dashboard, reporting and analytics and our apps as the key drivers to BWC’s success. 

Each feature brings its value and business impact: 

Mobile Apps: The driver app delivered value instantly, and transformed their paper-based operations. By integrating these paperless solutions, BWC massively reduced their operational costs and benefited from increased time savings. The apps made it seamless to run their daily operations, with real-time job progress updates from drivers and on-site issue logging.  

Customer Dashboard: This transformed their customer experience and interaction. The dashboard allowed BWC to keep customers up to date with the latest updates about orders, and give them immediate access to collection data and recycling reports. Customers could now self-serve, resulting in staff being able to reallocate their time to other impactful tasks. 

Accounts 2-way package: The accounts integration significantly reduced the amount of data entry BWC had to do. The integration between their Sage account and Waste Logics created a seamless process for managing their bookkeeping, invoices and credit control. As a result, they could easily track and manage account spending and reduce the risk to the business. 

Reporting and Analytics: With real-time KPIs, the reporting and analytics within Waste Logics’ dashboards gave BWC the ability to act quickly based on data-driven insights. This also allowed them to truly understand the profitability of each round and customer, as well as where money is being lost.  

RFID: Waste Logics integrates with BWC’s existing dynamic bin weighing systems and allows them to accurately capture the live bin weights recorded against the right job, ensuring the automatic generation of charges for overweight bins. This allows BWC to maximise their profits.

The software has allowed us to provide a better and more holistic service to our customers and it has given the company greater flexibility and control over each day’s work. Simple to use and logical, the software was implemented swiftly with minimal disruption to the business and is already proving its worth. – Luke Hull (Project Manager)

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