Working at Waste Logics: The inside scoop on our cloud-based culture

By Geeta Chandra
4 min read

Keeping it together

The Waste Logics team is as close-knit as any team, and with colleagues based around Europe, that’s a feat in itself. We operate a collaborative, home-based network of valued employees from Manchester to Minsk and beyond. This scattered web of resources may have been somewhat unconventional when we first opened our virtual doors 15 years ago, but in the post-COVID world, it is quickly becoming a popular way to operate, and nowhere more so than in the world of SaaS.

This way of working contributes positively to the work-life balance of our employees, almost eradicating the need for work-related travel entirely and making room for our team to enjoy a fast-paced career in the technology sector, from the comfort of their own personal space.

Of course we do like to get together on a regular basis, albeit virtually, and use the latest in business communication technology to achieve a strong sense of community, even at a distance. We make the time to invest in each other’s wellbeing and ensure that each one of us feels valued, motivated and part of the team and hold company-wide meetings once a month.

Like many companies, we love a good social gathering so we also hold a monthly games evening for a bit of fun, and when COVID restrictions allow, we meet up in person every 6-8 weeks. We celebrate birthdays and other life events together, with everyone taking part, regardless of their location.

The fun doesn’t stop there, we also take an annual holiday to an exotic location so that our UK and Minsk teams can meet and bond face-to-face; recent locations have included Morocco, Thailand and Georgia.

Earth matters

Waste Logics is a forward thinking company, and we genuinely care about the environment and how our business impacts upon it.  Whether based in Minsk or the UK, our employees are committed to making a positive contribution to the environment and we measure the amount of CO2, energy, electricity and water each team member saves in their household every month.

We have also partnered with MoreTrees who plant trees for us on behalf of every new client we bring onboard in order to offset a portion of their business’ CO2 production. This is an important part of how we use our business operations to foster a positive impact on the environment. Look out for more on ‘Branch Out With Waste Logics’.

Our environmental initiatives don’t stop there, we also enjoy a bit of friendly competition and have recently held the inaugural Waste Logics Step Challenge which lasted for 6 weeks. Two teams battled it out to see which one can walk the most steps each week with some amazing results.  Not only did this event contribute to our employees’ mental health and wellbeing, but it’s also beneficial to the environment. Following the success of the step challenge, we’re already thinking about the next team event.

Giving our time

Our employees are very giving with their spare time and undertake a range of voluntary projects.  We like to celebrate our colleagues’ achievements by sharing their stories, such as Holly Barker and Dzmitry Sankouski’s recent volunteering activities:

Onboarding Specialist, Holly, has been volunteering with food charity, Leyton & Leabridge Hot Meals. Holly helps to manage the volunteers, schedule deliveries, cook and deliver the food for the charity which serves her local community. Holly says: “It is great to be part of a community of lovely people helping each other, especially through these hard times.”

Dzmitry works in our Testing Team in Minsk and is contributing to his local postmarketOS project. This creates longer support timeframes for mobile phones that would otherwise not receive the newest software updates. This service provides recent software for unwanted phones which extends their lifecycle and prevents them from becoming electronic waste.  Dzmitry upstreams the necessary coding which enables the older phones to run modern software.

By Geeta Chandra
April 29, 2022