The top 5 mistakes waste management companies are making and how to fix them

By Geeta Chandra
4 min read

1. Your business is paper-based

If you’re still using paper-based methods of operating your waste management business, you could be losing up to 6.5 days per month in admin alone. Delivery notes, weighbridge tickets, permits and licenses all take time to manage, add to this the cost of the pre-printed forms, plus the time and cost it takes to post copies to customers or scan in originals so that you can email them and it suddenly becomes very time consuming and expensive. But, if you have a software solution that accepts, delivers and stores these documents you are reducing the opportunities for mistakes, speeding up the paperwork process and will be one step ahead of your competitors.

2. You rely on manual processes

Are you still using manual job entry into an outdated system? Perhaps you are scheduling your drivers’ jobs  in a diary and tracking your skips by pinning locations on a map. With the right software solution, these issues simply disappear. Schedule jobs, track your drivers, plan their routes, automatically keep track of where your containers are and when they were last serviced, all at the click of a button, boosting your operational efficiency, and therefore your profits at the same time.

3. Account administration is a burden

If your team is spending inordinate amounts of time on the phone to existing customers, sending out recycling reports, weight data or copy invoices, they’re not focusing on winning new customers. With a waste management software solution that has an easy to use customer portal, customers can serve themselves and administer their own accounts, freeing up valuable time for you and your team to focus on business growth.

4. Your reporting is in Excel

Business reporting in Excel is laborious and complex, and requires data manipulation after the event. So, if you’re still basing your business decisions on what your end-of-month spreadsheets tell you when they are finally collated several weeks later, you’ve already missed valuable opportunities to act on live data. With waste management software that has integrated business intelligence tools, you can access real time performance data, allowing you to make critical business decisions in a timely manner.

5. Your business is not scalable

If your business is not scalable, it simply can’t grow. If adding new customers equates to more labour-intensive account administration, then is it really worth it? It could be costing you just as much as you are making if it requires hours of work just to service the account. If that’s the case, then your profitability is stagnant. However, with the right solution, you can add new customers without the additional administrative burden or associated costs.

The Solution

If you can say yes to one or more of the points above, it’s time you considered a waste management software solution for your business. The good news is that Waste Logics can help.  Our experts are on hand to show you how our powerful, easy-to-use, cloud-based software can improve your business efficiency and help you to beat your competition.

With Waste Logics you could be on the road to transforming your business into an efficient, competitive, and ultimately more profitable business in just a few days.

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By Geeta Chandra
April 29, 2022