Streamlining Waste Management Operations with the Driver App: A Game-Changer for Efficiency

By Courtney Clark
4 min read

In today’s fast-paced waste management industry, staying ahead of demands is more than just keeping pace – it requires adapting your approach to increase efficiency and maximise business potential. Waste Logics understands the challenges in the industry and offers the ultimate solution: the Driver App add-on. With over 2,500 already drivers using it, let’s explore how the Driver App can enhance your operations to ensure maximum success in your day to day workflow, if you’re already utilising Waste Logics.

Eliminate lost tickets and the need to file or scan physical tickets

Without the Driver App, businesses face numerous challenges with traditional paper ticket systems, including:

  • Carbon copy books of tickets with handwritten details look unprofessional and are difficult to read.
  • The costs associated with using pre-printed tickets.
  • The time wasted filing, scanning and sending copy tickets 
  • Inconvenience and additional admin caused by lost or misplaced tickets. 

It’s been proven that by adopting the Driver App, businesses can save up to 2 days per week by eliminating the need to scan, archive and then retrieve copies of paper tickets. 

“We love the driver app, it’s so easy to use and it cuts out loads of laborious tasks for office staff which means they can focus on other responsibilities.”

Seamless operations with live info, updates and insights between transport planners and drivers

Every day the operations team manages challenges such as modifying existing jobs, adding new jobs throughout the day, tracking the driver’s progress, tracking where the driver is, dealing with on-site issues, and handling inbound customer inquiries. If you’re not using the driver app, your drivers and operations are probably communicating these updates to each other using WhatsApp, Text, or Phone calls. This manual and inefficient communication hampers productivity and often leads to your team squandering valuable time, mis-communicating, and completing fewer jobs per day.

The Driver App facilitates automated and real-time communication, resulting in:

  • Drivers completing, on average, 1 extra job per day and operations saving 5 hours per week.

“The driver app enables automated and real-time communication, resulting in everyone being more productive, feeling less stressed, and increased service success rate.”

Full visibility and evidence of job issues in real-time with pictures, GPS, timestamps and notes.

Without the driver app, businesses experience significant inefficiencies due to manual communication methods, such as phone calls, texts, WhatsApp messages, or in-person meetings at the office. Drivers must manually report on-site issues such as bins not being out, overloaded containers, lack of container access, or incorrect materials, and may forget to report them, resulting in missed revenue opportunities and increased disposal costs. Collating information from various sources manually makes it challenging to provide evidence to customers and resolve client disputes efficiently. Additionally, there is no streamlined process for linking pictures and issues to specific jobs or gaining insights from job issue reports to improve service success proactively.

A key day-to-day challenge of managing a Waste Management company is dealing with job issues and problems efficiently and effectively. 

If you’re not using the driver app then you’re relying on your driver to tell someone in operations, and then on operations to remember to raise the issue with the customer – it’s far too easy for job issues to miss key details or be missed entirely. This can result in your team struggling to explain/prove what the extra charge is for (if the team did remember to raise the issue), or (if they didn’t remember) you’re hurting your margins.   

With the Driver App, businesses gain:

  • 100% visibility on job issues with pictures, GPS, timestamps, and notes.

“The driver app saves our staff at least 5 hours a week by automating the whole process of dealing with on-site issues, providing evidence to customers, and invoicing the changes correctly. It’s resulted in a 4% increase in revenue.”

In conclusion, Waste Logics Driver App is not just a tool to make the driver’s life easier; it’s a company-wide game changer for operational efficiency and complete visibility. In a world where competitiveness is a must and margins are at their lowest, it will give you confidence that you’re doing everything to get more out of less, both from a people and revenue perspective. 

By Courtney Clark
June 18, 2024