5 Reasons Why Your Waste Management Software Should be Cloud-Based

By Geeta Chandra
4 min read

In an ever-growing population, it’s becoming increasingly vital for waste management systems to match the sophistication of new and innovative technology available. Cloud-based software – which allows applications or systems to run via the internet, has proven to be a perfect fit for better efficiency within waste management. Offering flexibility, mobility, and operational benefits to the large-scale task.

In their 2018 release of statistics, the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs disclosed that the UK produced 222.3 million tonnes of total waste in 2014, marking an increase of 15.7 million tonnes since 2012.

These findings highlight the increasing growth of waste management, and the pressing need to drive efficiency in processes to meet the ever-growing demand. Cloud-based software can answer to these issues, enabling companies to adapt their processes to the changing world. But what exactly makes it so effective?

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 1. One Central Database

Cloud-based software stores all your data via a virtualised environment on the internet. This leads to greater accessibility, as you only need to tap into one centralised database. You can seamlessly access all your business processes; from route mapping and optimisation, to electronic invoices and intelligent reports – from one central hub. This reduces your need to work on separate management systems, simplifies navigation and saves you time that can be better spent on other core responsibilities.

Additionally, your data is updated in real-time, delivering immediate business insights across your network direct to your employees, accessible through one central system. These features can allow you to manage your tasks better, and effortlessly communicate changes across your teams via the cloud. With efficiency being key in modern waste management, this benefit of cloud-based software is not to be ignored.

 2. Modern and Innovative

One great benefit of cloud-based waste management software is that technology is always evolving to support your business better. When your software is hosted in a virtualised environment and constantly online, your solution is never stagnant.

Instead, it is continuously adapted to the changes within the waste management industry, with regular customer-driven feature releases, updates, back-ups, and security maintenance to ensure your business always has the most efficient and cutting edge support.

Furthermore, cloud-based software is fast to deploy with minimal employee training required. This saves your business time and money on lengthy installation times and costly training periods.

 3. Scalable and Flexible

Cloud software is easily scaled, offering your business flexibility. You can easily adjust your storage, bandwidth, and computing power depending on your needs. This is more difficult in traditional software, and you may need to pay for extra bandwidth and space that sits idle at certain times.

Most notably, being able to scale the cloud gives your business room to grow. You need to be able to rapidly incorporate new processes or employees into your system and keep up to date with the wealth of data you have at your disposal when using a cloud-based system.

 4. Mobility

Mobility is key in cloud-based software. As waste management employees are constantly moving from location to location, your technology should be able to as well. Cloud-based technology is hosted via a virtualised internet environment, so your business can be connected on the move.

In the field of waste management, this means your employees can experience real-time updates from wherever they are. This allows them to enjoy device diversity and to take advantage of rapid deployment of new features. Additionally, high performance route planning and optimisation can be accessed on the move, giving your business the power to react in real-time to changes and increase efficiency.

 5. Efficiency

You can go paperless with all your essential data in one virtualised place, accessible from anywhere, and at any time. Customers and employees can benefit from electronic signing, intelligent reporting, self-service utility, and access to service hub all from a device. This will drive efficiency in your business processes and minimise your business’s effect on the environment.

There are multiple benefits of utilising cloud-based software, especially for the waste management industry. Overall, it can equip you to support your business better, end-to-end. Additionally, the benefits are not only felt by your organisation internally, but also by your customers. Learn more about how waste management software can help your business every step of the way. 

By Geeta Chandra
April 29, 2022