Waste (Logics) helps yards take on the cash ban and increasing administration with the Scrap App

With the new scrap legislation now firmly in place, businesses handling both waste and scrap are facing an array of options to collect, verify and store ID, while no longer being able to buy scrap for cash.

Waste Logics, the new name for My Yard, has been working with waste and scrap businesses to develop a Scrap App that enables more companies to comply easily with the new legislation. Waste management and scrap metal yards of all sizes are already benefitting from Waste Logics easy-to-use software, all-inclusive pricing, sophisticated reporting tools, free updates, and availability anytime, anywhere.

ID verified in seconds

The Scrap App is part of Waste Logics waste management software and is already being deployed by companies across the UK. Waste Logics Scrap App works on any mobile device. When a new seller enters the yard, ID can be captured in seconds, if the seller has been to the yard before, his ID is simply retrieved and confirmed on the mobile device. The speed of ID verification helps to turn more business and reduce queues to process and pay for scrap.

No longer do yard owners have to photocopy ID, and store it in box files, as this information is held securely at Waste Logics data centre. This is also important for data protection.

Scrap App

Pay sellers quickly to increase business

Through the Scrap App, all metal grades and weights can be captured at the scales and the office can instantly view the transaction to finalise and pay. Payments must be traceable, and Waste Logics provides options to link with prepayment cards, print a cheque, or pay by BACS.

Thanks to Waste Logics, yard owners no longer have to deal with complicated administration, while sellers have the option to receive an electronic payment without having to wait. This increases productivity and also encourages door trade.

Yard owners can easily satisfy the new legislation and provide authorities with information they require, about customers, purchases and payments.

Waste Logics records all scrap purchases and sales, gate trade or loads collected in skips.

No one wants additional administration, so with this new functionality, Waste Logics automatically creates all related invoicing for loads sold and bought. This information can be transferred into a yard’s accounts package.

Yard owners have access to in-depth management reports to see the margin on each grade at the click of a button, so it’s easy to manage fluctuating prices for both purchases and sales.

With the Scrap App as part of Waste Logics waste management software, yard owners have peace of mind that they are complying with legislation, while increasing trade.

Waste Logics software can be up and running in days and offers pay as you go pricing.

Published on Skip Hire Magazine in November 2013
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