New IT system supports growing fleet

The UK’s fourth fastest growing waste company, Simply Waste Solutions, is a leading provider of Waste and Resource Management services in London and the Home Counties. It operates a large fleet throughout this region, and needed an IT company that could provide flexibility, scalability and innovation.

Simply Waste Solutions

Everyone here can use the system. The Waste Logics team are also really easy to deal with. They have a good attitude, listen to our suggestions and we get new features all the time.

Alongside its fleet, Simply Waste Solutions also manages national contracts for some of the largest household names and has a UK wide partner network. Year on year, Simply Waste Solutions has seen huge growth and continues to grow at break neck speed. Partly because of this Simply Waste Solutions has also recently been included in the “Top 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain 2016”.

Simply Waste Solutions has invested millions in a large scale fleet renewal, with new, state-of-the-art trucks. With this wholesale change, Simply Waste Solutions began looking for an IT company to ensure that it had full visibility of its new trucks and improved driver and office staff productivity.

Historically, Simply Waste Solutions struggled to find a system that delivered on the promises made at point of sale. Full integration of all data and processes seemed impossible. Double entry of data was necessary with information being stored on spreadsheets as well as on the main system. The main reason was that employees feared that the main system would crash, and information would be lost.

Simply Waste Solutions

Failure to collect and store all data is bad for business, and Simply Waste Solutions needed to feel that they could trust any new IT supplier. Confidence was paramount. An IT system needed to help the company to succeed, maximise efficiency and ensure that it was benefiting from the latest technologies. The system’s flexibility and the provider’s responsiveness were also key criteria in the selection process. The answer came in the form of Waste Logics.

Waste Logics has worked in the waste industry for 10 years and the team knows the pressures that waste management companies face. They have partnered with Simply Waste Solutions to develop a system that is integrated with fleet technology such as dynamic weighing, telematics and GPS tracking.

Waste Logics software and mobile app enable Simply Waste Solutions to seamlessly stream bin weights and driver locations via their trucks’ on-board telematics and weighing systems. This advance has a huge impact on service delivery and profitability. Being able to identify customers that consistently breach bin weight limits and use this information to better educate clients is invaluable. Realtime reporting on job status and events 24/7 is also a real benefit. Customer enquiries are resolved quicker as up-to-the-minute information allows more timely responses. The next stage of development will allow customers to log in and view their own jobs real time as well as view reports and invoices at the click of a button.

Andrew Gill, Simply Waste Solutions Director of Customer Experience says, “We were frustrated with the empty promises of previous waste software companies we had engaged, and were looking for somebody who could offer a solution to our problems and restore our faith as a business in IT. We believe we have found a valuable partner in Waste Logics. A company that understands our business, where we are, what we need and where we want to be.”

Geeta Thomas, MD of Waste Logics concludes: “Our system underpins Simply Waste Solutions’ customer service efforts and allows for greater engagement with their customers and staff. Through our partnership, we’ve customised our product to meet their specific needs and welcomed suggestions to improve our software.’

Simply Waste Solutions

Benefits summary

  • Time saving, as rounds are confirmed in real time
  • Office, driver and customer have access to synchronised data
  • Analysing service issues helps Simply Waste Solutions to address any internal service issues
  • Account managers can identify sites that have persistent problems with contaminations or failing to put bins out
  • Customers will soon have access to Simply Waste Solutions portal – powered by Waste Logics, they will have access to all their own reports, copy invoices and order updates.

Published on Skip Hire Magazine in March 2016
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