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Simply Waste Solutions

"Waste Logics are a fantastic software partner that have helped us streamline our business, take full advantage of weighing technology and pay by weight systems, and offered our customers and management access to in depth reporting. They continue to push the boundaries with constant developments and enhancements which is great as the system is already market leading. As a flexible and willing partner we look forward to working with them to help build on our success well in to the future."

- James Capel, MD, Simply Waste Solutions

1 year in partnership and this is what we've achieved so far:

  • Real time round data from driver apps displayed on transport dashboards
  • Automated emails sent to customers with photos attached which are raised real time from issues recorded on driver PDA
  • Help with more proactive management of services cutting down on reactive phone calls
  • Bin weigh data so contracts can be accurately evaluated, priced and charged
  • Weighing data capture and reporting to help the customer understand exactly what waste is being produced
  • An 80's fancy dress party - say no more!
  • Improved profitability of wheeled bin services
  • Slicker invoice processing and associated time saving
  • Sampled several Bavarian Beer gardens
  • CRM – creating sales opportunities, pipeline and service activity dashboards to help monitor performance

"Simply Waste Solutions are the perfect client, a forward thinking company who come up with good enhancement suggestions and are a lot of fun to work with. They'll roll out our changes literally within days of them being released and are always ready to offer feedback."

- Geeta Chandra, MD, Waste Logics Software

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