The NWH Group about Waste Logics

NWH Group

“We spent a long time researching software providers and no one could match Waste Logics.”

As a growing business we required a waste management system that allowed scalability, simplicity and improved management reporting for our business. Waste Logics has delivered this with a simplified job booking and billing process, in-depth real time management reporting and the ability to quickly add to the system as the business grows.

NWH Group

Our billing process was previously a lengthy manual process which was susceptible to input errors resulting in a large number of customer queries. The billing process in Waste Logics is now completed within minutes and has helped significantly reduce the number of invoice queries received.

Real-time management information from the system ensures we know how the business in performing on a daily basis. Whether I need to see tonnages and average prices in and out of a particular facility, stats and average sales prices for each skip size or net profit per vehicle per day, these and many other essential reports are available at the click of a button.