Waste (Logics) helps yards take on the cash ban and increasing administration with the Scrap App

Since 1944, family owned firm Chadwicks has specialised in waste management and scrap metal recycling. Whether disposing of a scrap car to government standards, hiring a skip for house redevelopment or recycling business waste, Chadwicks offers range of a cost effective services.

5 Chadwicks generations

The volume of waste handled at Chadwicks is vast, and the team has been updating its technology systems to meet the demands of the business and its customer base. A new website was the first step and deploying Waste Logics online waste management software was the next.

In its 70 years, Chadwicks’ employees have migrated from pen and paper to computer systems to record all skip movements, the weights in and out for both scrap and waste, manage invoicing and produce operational and management reports to measure business performance.

As a long established waste business, Chadwicks had already worked with a number of well-known waste management software companies.

Unfortunately, the software Chadwicks was using and the service they were receiving was not moving with the times or dependable enough. So in 2013, Chadwicks decided to find a reliable software solution, that was easy-to-use, provided detailed reporting to help quickly understand how the business was doing, while offering new modules without additional cost to deal with new legislation.

Waste Logics gives us all the functionality we need and is also great value as we pay monthly and there were no large upfront costs.

IT systems for the 21st century

Sean Chadwick is the MD at a family business, and in spite of the recession, Chadwicks is a commercial success. Sean and his team were looking for ways to improve productivity by using a single software solution to cover every service that the company offers.

A solution that multiple team members could use simultaneously, and that could be securely accessed from any location, were likewise key requirements as Chadwicks operates across two depots.

Chadwicks needed an easy-to-use system that didn’t require time-consuming staff training, or frequent calls to a technical support team.

Knowledge is definitely power, so Chadwicks required sophisticated data analysis with all information, from orders, transport, weighbridge, invoicing, and more, available in one place. Previously, the systems that Chadwicks used did not work for the scrap side of the business or offer an easy way to drill down into business performance.

As more of the team are using the internet in their daily lives, Chadwicks also wanted to move away from the clunky and unfriendly interfaces that traditional on premise waste management software offers.

Waste Logics was the logical choice

In 2013, Chadwicks selected Waste Logics (previously called My Yard), the online waste management software that provides full visibility of a waste management business through simple yet comprehensive reporting.

Waste Logics has increased productivity at Chadwicks, and saved each member of the team time. Additionally, key team members have been able to securely access the system when they are working off site.

Simplicity-of-use also appealed to Chadwicks. The team was up and running within a few days and Waste Logics provides regular free updates on new features that have been added and how to make the most of them. Chadwicks was pleased to work with a software vendor that took suggestions on board and implemented them.

As Waste Logics is an online software solution, Chadwicks does not need to maintain and manage expensive servers.

This waste management software has been one of the best business decisions I’ve made. The Waste Logics team have a great understanding of the waste and scrap industry and are interested in our feedback and suggestions. No more clunky and difficult to use systems, and no more paying for upgrades.
Sean Chadwick, Managing Director

Working together to create a Scrap App

Since the new scrap legislation came into force on 1 October 2013, Chadwicks suggested developing a scrap app to the Waste Logics team. The App works on any mobile device. ID is simply confirmed on the mobile device, the grade chosen, photographed if necessary and the weight can either be entered or retrieved from the scales.

Chadwicks payment office instantly sees the information captured at the scales. The system calculates the money owed and employees can choose to print a cheque, pay by BACS or load a prepayment card. The speed of ID verification, recording the grades and weights and processing payment helps to turn more business and reduce queues.

No longer does Chadwicks have to photocopy ID, and store it in box files, as this information is held securely at Waste Logics data centre.

Find out more about award-winning Waste Logics, the fully flexible online waste management software with pay-as-you go pricing, full reports accessible anytime, anywhere, simple-to-use interface, central backups and automatic software updates.

Published on Skip Hire Magazine in March 2014
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