Ordering made easy

With Waste Logics skip, haulage, product, trade waste and gate trade movements can be booked in just a couple of clicks. Shortcuts can be set up to schedule repeat jobs or create flexible pricing by waste type, container size, area or customer type - you can also set up bespoke rate cards for individual customers.

For scrap metal merchants, capture ID and process cashless payments quickly.

Manage jobs and drivers

Use Waste Logics to assign work to your own fleet or subcontract the work to others. You can choose whether you'd like to run with proof of delivery notes, which double up as duty of care transfer notes or whether you'd like your drivers to have a mobile device in the cab. Past, current and future orders can be easily accessed, to address any customer queries instantly.

Instant access to weighbridge data and site waste management plans

Weights can be entered manually, or the system can be connected directly to your weighbridge – recording weights, grades and prices of all loads in and out of your facilities. If your customers require site waste management plans, you can simply enter the percentages of waste categories within their loads.

Waste Logics is reliable, easy-to-use and has increased productivity.

Lisa Holloway Office Manager - Haulaway Ltd


Flexible invoicing

Waste Logics enables you to invoice individual customers on any payment terms & frequency - daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. You can also invoice by site. You can print, or email invoices at the click of a button.

Integrate with your existing accounts software

To ensure your accounts are always up-to-date, Waste Logics will transfer all the details to your existing accounts package: Sage, TAS, QuickBooks, Pegasus or Kashflow.

Customer payment management

With Waste Logics you can see your customers’ payment status at a glance. When an order is booked you’ll receive an onscreen prompt, so you know if a cash customers have paid for their previous order – prompts are also included on paperwork for drivers. For account customers, you can put them on stop or flag them as a bad payer.

We have reduced the time between orders and invoicing which improves our cashflow.

Dominic Wiser Operations Director - Wiser Group


For management and sales staff

Management staff receive up-to-date revenues and costs associated with tonnages and can see gross margins for individual facilities, or net profit per vehicle per day. For sales people on the road, they can easily access reports on clients’ tonnages, spend and pricing history.

For Transport Staff

From any device, in a couple of clicks, transport staff can see what skips are out and which need chasing. They will also receive reminders about expiring permits for skips on the road and when regular service checks are due on the fleet.

For Customers

From their dashboard, customers can access site reports on grades and tonnages collected and recyclables recovered, exactly what they need for their Site Waste Management Plans.

The reports are fantastic and it's so easy to use.

Michael Williamson MD - MRW Ltd


Customer Dashboards

Your customers can log in to their own dashboard, where they can access invoices, order updates and reports on loads picked up from their sites. As well as servicing existing customers the dashboard is a great sales tool to win new business.

Mobile Applications

The Waste Logics mobile app means your drivers can pick-up details about their next job, on the move – saving time and paperwork. Drivers can also use the app to capture customers’ signatures onsite electronically.

To manage compliance and collect info for site waste management plans, the app enables you to enter the percentages of waste categories in a skip and take photos of any issues.

For scrap metal processors you can use the app check ID and weigh grades directly at the scales. The offices sees this instantly and can finalise payment.

Email Marketing

With Waste Logics you can send out targeted mailshots, and customisable flyers, in minutes, so you can react to markets with promotions and offers and manage customer relations.

We've won new business off the back of the dashboard and the reports that our customers have access to.

Neil Mackey MD - Kenny Waste Management