The best kit I ever bought

Every company in the waste industry has a piece of equipment, a gadget or some kit that has transformed the way they work. Each month, we focus on one company in the trade who have made an investment that has significantly changed and improved their business.

Name: Emma Lavelle

Business: Fresh Start Waste Services Ltd

Type of Business: Collection and Transportation of non-hazardous Waste

Location covered: Lancashire and Greater Manchester

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What was the best kit you ever bought?

An online Wastemanagement software called Waste Logics. It is a cloud-based Solution that doesn't require any additional IT. It keeps all our data secure and can be accessed from most devices, such as a Smartphone.

How has it improved your business?

It has reduced the amount of administration required, their processes are much easier to use than any other system have used before and it is a very personal relationship, anything I have ever needed can be answered by a director as opposed to ringing a call centre.

Did it deliver a good return on investment?

Yes, very!

How easy was it to train staff up on it?

Most of our staff were trained within a couple of days, the training was not intense but just enough, I found it very beneficial as we had someone with us for support and guidance, so people could ask on the job, as opposed to calling every time we needed an answer to something.

Did you experience any teething problems?

There were a few, but I believe this would be expected with any system. When transferring thousands of schedules and customers from one system to another, this can take time and changes can occur and occasionally be missed throughout this process. However on the whole it has gone much smoother than expected.

When it comes to replacing, will you stick to the same model, or look around for a different brand?

I'm hoping I won't need to as this can be adapted to meet my needs, so I don't think we will need to look elsewhere.

Would you recommend it to other skip hire companies?

Yes, if any other skip companies asked my opinion on this particular software, I would definitely hold it within the highest esteem.

What lasting effects has the kit made to your company?

The administration time that can be caused by human error has been reduced. We have an accurate recording of drivers and the jobs they are attending.

Does it affect the wider community?

Yes I believe our service as a whole has improved since We have started using this software. The information we are recording is more accurate thus aiding the community we are providing a service to.

Published on Skip Hire Magazine in June 2015
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