A&D Skips about Waste Logics

A&D Skips

Waste Logics has improved the fluency of our business. It has also enabled us to expand the company, gain more customers, understand our business better and make key financial decision that have lead to a more profitable business.

As a young, developing business, we previously ran a software package that was confusing, time consuming and had a no real understanding of the industry. From the first day that we used Waste Logics, it was clear that they understand the industry that we are in. From ordering skips to routing vehicles, Waste Logics has simplified matters enabling us to focus on customer service and growth.

A&D Skips trucks

The accounting function has enabled to do double the amount of invoices in half the time. Also it has helped us reduce our debtor ledger and keep track of all non account customers easily compared to the previous cumbersome system.

From a management perspective, it is much clearer to see how the company is performing. This data has aided with key management decisions.